Ramada Resort Phillip Island FAQ

Please find a list of FAQ to assist you with your stay. If you have any questions that are not listed here, Feel free to call or email use any time. You can find our contact details HERE
Phillip Island Resort

Is Free WiFi Availible Onsite?

We have a free connection at the Numbers Cafe and Bar for all guests to use. We can provide in-room WiFi throught the use of a Telstra Dongle. This is subject to availibility and comes at an additional cost.

Are the Pools Heated?

Yes, both our otdoor pools are solar heated. Please be warned, this doesn not mean they will be hot in winter. We have an indoor lap-pool which is heated to a comfy 27 Degrees all year round.

Are there Shops Nearby?

Yes, we are position very close to the main town. Its a quick 3 min drive to reach the shops. We have a great selection of stores, including: Coles, Woolworths, Aldi nd IGA. There are numerouse local bars, cafe's and restaurants within close proximity to the main shops.

What Resort Activities are There?

Ramada Phillip Island has many onsite resort activities to take part in. These are often changing depending on the time of year. The standard activites which we always have availible are:

Bike Hire, Tennis Court Hire, Volley Ball, Kids Treasure Hunt and of course we have great facilites which everyone can use. Find a full list HERE

Are the Local Animals Dangerous?

There are many animals that call Ramada Home, including Possums, Cape Barren Geese, Wallabys, Purple Hens and Plovers. While some of these may be more friendly than others, none are dangerouse.

The only recomendation we make is DO NOT GIVE FOOD TO POSSUMS. This can cause your villa to become a feeding ground for them.

Do you have a Courtesy Bus?

Currently we do not offer a courtesy bus or any transportation around the Island. There is limited public transport, only a local taxi service to get around. Due to this we recommend you drive or have a means of travel while visiting us.